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He thinks Yona so you’re able to still be crazy about Soo-Obtained just like the she clings for the hairpin | CEJALSA He thinks Yona so you’re able to still be crazy about Soo-Obtained just like the she clings for the hairpin | CEJALSA

He thinks Yona so you’re able to still be crazy about Soo-Obtained just like the she clings for the hairpin

As well as, Hak is very supporting regarding Yona and can the stand by position their top long lasting it deal with in the future, he will often be truth be told there. Ultimately, from inside the part 175, Hak and you can Yona ultimately express a kiss once he previously saved the girl throughout the Kai castle and you will was considerably astonished when Yona in the end informed him that she was at like that have your due to the fact well.

Soo-Obtained [ ]

In earlier times, Soo-Acquired and you may Hak was childhood nearest and dearest in addition to their thread featured unbreakable. Both recognized and considerably admired new other people’s abilities. As a result of this, Hak taught strenuously to make sure that he may be some one really worth getting a goal to have Soo-Obtained, which aspired becoming since the strong due to the fact Hak, one-day interested in these to walk on equivalent soil. [6] Hak trusted Soo-Acquired entirely, believing that he might hop out Yona in the care and attention, [7]  and tucked his thinking into the little princess. He even available to feel their ‘right hand’ into position he and you can Yona someday partnered, promising that he perform support her or him up to his passing away breath. The two was basically together with stated to have elevated an excellent falcon titled Gulfan with her. [8] Although not, its relationship ended the night Soo-Claimed murdered new Queen. [9]

Instance Yona, Soo-Won’s betrayal hurt him even worse than nearly any wound of the system, however, very first, the guy didn’t externally reveal they to help you somebody. Strong in to the, he seethes having bloodstream lust and you can wants Soo-Obtained to pay for just what the guy performed in order to Yona and you may Emperor Il, assuming that it is their occupations to just one day eliminate him. When Hak conserves brand new little princess of a nest from snakes once she would visited find the hairpin, the guy offers they so you’re able to the girl (that have think it is before), proclaiming that he’d never forgive Soo-Acquired. As it received to help you Yona the night the newest King try slain, Hak hates the newest hairpin, myself looking for little a whole lot more but to help you crush they. From inside the Awa as he finds out Yona whining on to the ground immediately after which have got an encounter having Soo-Claimed, the guy reprimands themselves considering he’d become also complacent to possess perhaps not focusing on what he thought to be the true possibilities and you may permitting his shield down. Considering it, the guy glares out of with the length, resulting in Jae-Ha to comment on his “sorrowful bloodstream crave.”

Inside part 91, Hak succumbs to murderous rage as he in the end happens face so you can face that have Soo-Acquired after water group arc, assaulting anyone who got into the way inside the warpath in order to visited Soo-Won, even the almost every other dragons. Because Jae-Ha and you can Kija keep your right back, Soo-Acquired and his entourage make their rash deviation, Hak having difficulties resistant to the a few within his hopeless significance of payback. The guy regains their senses when Yona suits his give and you can informs your she’s okay, cold Hak set up as he knows the latest the quantity of their strategies. Though Hak despises Soo-Obtained, it’s found that the comes from how much cash the guy taken care of their former friend and how he might perhaps not fathom one to toward a single day he plotted in order to eliminate Queen Il the guy provided Yona one hairpin. He reported that thereon nights when he saw Soo-Won happy to quiet this new princess, he had been struck with the much suffering which he “sensed his cardiovascular system shatter so you’re able to pieces.” not, pursuing the incident in which the guy losings control of their thoughts just after he had viewed Soo-Won adopting the betrayal the guy afterwards noticed that the guy had a need to keep his outrage under control and should kept wade of one’s previous such Yona did.

Emperor Il [ ]

Initially, Hak thinks of Emperor Il given that a good ‘bubbly’ queen who is an effective coward. [10] Into the occurrence 3 whenever Hak and you can Mundok were fighting, Hak called Emperor ll “their Royal Chubbiness”. not, when the emperor avoided Tae-Jun out of introducing a combat of the grabbing the new knife out-of their sword, Hak come to admiration your and you will vowed immense loyalty to him along with his household members. Once the Emperor Il try his master, he’s guilt-stricken to be struggling to conserve your of Soo-Claimed, also saying that he’ll regret it for the remainder of their life. [11] Regarding dangers he and you will Yona deal with, he usually requires Emperor Il to own his suggestions, as well as for the new emperor not to ever bring Yona aside out-of your. [12]